Carole Kim

Carole Kim in her own words:

My primary focus as a visual artist has been video projection for multi-media installation, performance and photography.  Although I work extensively with technology, it is where technology meets up with the human, physical, tangible world that interests me. My work over the past 20 years attests to an ongoing fascination with light and layered translucency,  pushing the moving image to take on optical, spatial and dimensional form all its own.

What fascinates me about the layered installations is the merging of physical space, the body and the illusionistic world of the moving image.  Through this juxtaposition I can play with relative scale, dimensionality and how matter can appear to commingle.  New composite worlds unfold where one is left to contemplate, “What is this new world I am observing?” “How does it make me think differently about my relationship to the physical world?” It is less about what is often referred to as “video mapping” as it is an interaction, a collaboration.