Fereshteh Toosi

Fereshteh Toosi is a Miami-based artist of Iranian ancestry whose work involves encounter, exchange, and sensory inquiry. Her participatory process results in the creation of performance events, small sculptures, short films, sound art, installations, scores, and poetry. Fereshteh’s past art works include sculptures made from oyster mushrooms that are used for bioremediation, films processed in mint tea, photograms made in collaboration with prisoners, and walking performances about lithium.

Fereshteh is an Assistant Professor in the Art and Art History department at Florida International University and is a member of the SWANA Ancestral Medicine Hub, dedicated to the re- membrance, resurrection, and reclamation of ancestral medicine and the original traditions of South West Asia and North Africa (SWANA). In south Florida she directs the Nature Connection Arts Lab, designing ephemeral experiences to foster mutuality and reciprocity through interspecies connection. Fereshteh earned The Ellies Creator Award in 2018 for Water Radio, a series of intimate, contemplative live art events that take place during canoe and kayak outings. Find examples of her work at fereshteh.net.